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    Can I use WIDI with my laptop ?


      My laptop equipted core 2 duo P7570 Cpu with G45 Express and centrino advanced 6200.


      I already saw requirements for WIDI . So i know that my laptop doesn't meet minimum requirement.


      But , my old laptop still play well FULL-HD VIDEOS, Up and download speed is over 5m bytes/s .


      Can I use WIDI on my laptop ? and Do you have a plan that widi works on old laptop? (like my lap top)



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          Thanks for the post.


          If you have viewed the system requirements page and your system does not meet the minimum requirements then unfortunately Intel® Wireless Display,


          Intel® Wireless Display is built as a complete solution. All of the components need to be in place in order for any of it to work correctly.


          Please feel free to post any addition questions that you may have.





          Intel®Product Support Engineer

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            Hi Paul I have the same question. I thought my specs were OK but when I tried to load the software it said it was incompatible with my specs.  Can you please tell me if I can use WiDi with my laptop.


            The specs are:

            ASUS U36S

            Intel Core i7 2620M 2.7ghz

            8 gb memory

            Win 7 premium 64 bit

            NVIDIA GEFORCE  GT 520M CUDA 1 GB

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              I have the same question as above, I have a laptop with the following specs:


              HP Elitebook 8760w

              Nvidia Quadro 3000

              Intel Centrino 6300


              Will I be able to use WIDI?

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                I was told my laptop cannot use WiDi.  Apparently there are only a few models that can do it and my ASUS can't. Sad eh?  I thought buying my late model high spec i7 laptop would be up with it but no (the sales person thought it could).  Apparently laptops have a WiDi sticker to say it can.  I do a lot of presentations and the WiDi and a receiver would be excellent.  A person once told me the "industry is built on incompatibility".. As another post commented is intel looking at a way of letting this happen for the other machines?