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    intel 320 ssd Error: Data mismatch detected.





      My desktop is freezing up sometimes and even spontanious reboots( i see nothing in eventvwr)

      in the ssd toolbox i ran a quick and full diagnostics and the Data integrity test comes up with this error:


      Is my SSD faulty eand do i need to get an RMA from Intel (it is only 3 weeks old)


      Grtz David

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          Hi dvcomput,


          The issue you're having might indicate that the drive needs to be swapped.


          If the SSD Toolbox reports errors on the "Data integrity" test or similar, it would be a good idea to contact Intel for an RMA request. Try backing up any valuable information on the SSD and have the drive on hand when calling. They will request the ISN#, PBA# and SA# from the drive sticker.


          You can get in touch with them at 916-377- 7000, option 6.