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    DH57DD &i5 650 - no beeps, no video, comp tech tried everything... or did I?


      Computer tech here since mid 90's.  Fully working


      Win7 x64

      8GB RAM






      Shut it down normally from a fully functional state, then turned it back on, lights, work fans work, HDD's click as normal, (but doesn't go into windows) but NO VIDEO from HDMI or DVI on another monitor too. I've unplugged all the RAM, (no beeps), HDD/DVD, USB internal and external, nothing, no beeps no matter what.  Can't shut it down except via the hlding down the power button 8 sec, etc. Number lock inoperable, but keyboard does flash all 3 lights when turning on.  Reset the bios number of times, took out the battery, etc, etc, etc, I know how to troubleshoot.  Dang.  Did the board go bad or video modual on the intel CPU go bad? I've never seen an intel CPU go bad in 15 years.


      I'll take any suggestions.


      I haven't tried another videocard, PSU or CPU, but it should beep if there is no ram, it's something board related me thinks.