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    P67 support for Ivy bridge


      I would like to know if the p67 chipset and 1155 socket will support the next generation ivy bridge processors?

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          At this moment this product has not been officially released. I suggest you to hold until the product is fully launched and check the specifications of it.

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            While that information has not been officially released by Intel, the most reputable PC hardware review web sites have published articles that clearly state that Ivy Bridge will use socket 1155, and is compatible with the P67 chipset, with a UEFI/BIOS update from your mother board manufacture. I've seen PR statements from at least one mother board manufacture that said their UEFI/BIOS update for Ivy Bridge CPUs is available now, or will be soon.


            All 6-series chipsets are not compatible with Ivy Bridge, the B65 and Q67 are not compatible.


            With Ivy Bridge, new 7-series chipsets will be introduced for mother boards, which can be used with socket 1155 Sandy Bridge CPUs.