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    Intel® Entry Storage System SS4000-E - RAID 10 error & Not booting


      Good day,


      One of our Intel SS4000-E storage systems, is not accessible any more, yet we can ping the device, the Web Console does not fully load, it loads to this point and does not show the login field, see screen shot below:




      The unit is fitted with 4 x 500GB SATA drives configured in RAID 10.


      I have manually removed each drive and plugged them into a Windows PC and it appears that drive 3 has failed, drives 1, 2, and 4 I can see under disk management, but obviously cannot see the data as a result of the file system format that is foreign to Windows not even with an ext2/ext3 viewer. The system led is showing solid “Yellow” and the global HDD led is flashing “Yellow”. The individual HDD led’s are solid green.


      I have replaced drive 3 with a new working 500GB HDD, and yet I still cannot access the complete web console to login in to the device, when drive 3 is replaced, the system led is solid green, global HDD led is flashing yellow and the individual HDD led’s solid green.


      How can the above problem be rectified?