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    Intel PROSet UnInstall


      Well I tried my manufacture site and I read everything I can on this site.


      I'm trying to update my Intel Drivers for my 82579V Gigabit connection. I downloaded the latest at Intel V16.8. Had same issue with Aus's latest.


      When I run it tells me the version of Intel PROSet can't be upgraded and I should uninstall it and then retry.


      I'm not sure how to Uninstall.


      There is no entry in the Program list to remove Intel PROSet. I have three Intel items all related to my system, Intel Management Engine Inteface, Intel Storage and Intel Control Panel. The control panel is the long way to the raid software. I have scanned the entire list.


      I treid uninstalling the driver from the device manager, including remove software from this computer. The install still fails with the same error message, PROSet can't be updated.


      There are some posts in here about changing the registry but the do not relate to Windows 7.


      I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit (all patched.) It is an Asus P8P67 MB. There is no wireless card or adapter.


      I have used the update driver portion in the Device manager and pointed it to the "Driver" directory in the files that were extracted from the zip folder.


      When doing this I get the system reporting Intel Driver version dated 7/20/2011. On the Link Speed tab of the device there is no version number beside the reference Intel(r) PROSet Version.


      Has anyone found a solution to this issue. In my opinion Intel should develop a remover product. I saw there was one for XP, at least I think this is what it was.


      I did scan all the files in the zip files and found a file called PROunstl.exe. The readme does not mention what this file is. I see several of them so I assume they are OS based.


      Any help would relly be appreciated.

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          Hi Wynne - This thread may help. http://communities.intel.com/message/117593#117593 . Regards. Peter

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            Hey Peter, thanks for the response. I see I got two responses from you in my email but only one here.


            I can't get the PROSet number from Add / Remove Programs (or the equivilant Control Panel, Uninstall in Windows 7) as it is not listed. I too have Revo Uninstaller and it too can't see it.


            The link you suggest pointed to a way to update the driver, which I've done. In device mgr it shows as dated July 20 / 2011. I thought I was installing 16.8.


            I tried running software drivers from the original disk that came with machine but I can't get past the can't upgrade PROSet.


            What is needed is for the INTEL software engineers to write a remover for XP, Vista and for sure 7.


            I will go back and reread the link you gave me, maybe there is something I missed.

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              I should also add there are no hidden devices. Ran the command prompt as outlined in link. Then went into Device manager and clicked on show hidden devices.


              There are a whole group of WAN devices. There is only one Intel 82579V.


              This leaves the registry edit but it does not apply to Windows 7. I'm relucant to enter the registry.


              I go back... the Intel Software Enginners should be developing a cleaner. Every thread I read here under any heading fails to solve issue.


              This is a real problem and needs to fixed properly by the guys that own the code.


              I have a look at the registry.


              Thanks again. Any other ideas are welcomed.

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                I walked through a number of the registery entries. Some you have to line up, easy enough as there are just two or three options and it is very clear. Others it is a turkey shoot. The values to look for are not present and impossible to determine real one to delete. Turkey shoot and the registry editor are not recommended


                Of interest, at least to me...


                near the bottom of step 9 in the manual registery entries removal procedure it suggest walking down through


                HKEY_LOCAL_Machine\software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstaller\PROSetDX. One of the keys shows the version number. Mine is set at


                So it is on my machine regardless of what Add/Remove or Revo Uninstaller has to say. This does makes sense as I have the tabs in device manager when I look at the properties in Device Manager.


                So I wonder if the failure is a result of the install package not being able to find the uninstaller. It could be the message people are getting is more a generic I don't know what to do so I'll report the version can't be upgraded.


                Ata minimum, the Intel engineers have to revise this manaul edit procedure for Windows 7 (although a remover would be a classer act from a classy company.)

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                  Hi  Wynne - Re the two e-mails: The first was a ready - shoot - aim reply that I tried to cancel but could not because the replies are being monitored.


                  The version numbers that follow are from the Intel download support site obtained from entering with my board DH67CL, series 6, win7x64. The old Pro Network Connections version is 16.8.0 and the  LAN Driver associated with it is The new (latest version) of PRO Network Connections is 16.8.1 and the driver associated with it is If I go to control panel - programs - programs and features ( list of programs that you can uninstall) I find a program "Intel Network Connections" This is the program that I believe contains the 16.8.0 version of PRO Network Connections. I will never figure out their numbering system.


                  If I walk the registry as you described in your last post - I find the version number


                  In the thread I referred you to Mark H from Intel had several posts. When he has responded to some of my previous posts I found him to be spot on. It might be time for you to consider a reinstall of the O/S. Good Luck. Peter

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                    I checked agian and there is nothing Intel in my programs except for my Mgnt Engine and Storage tools.


                    I tried everything in that psot except for the manual registry and would even try that if the instructions were for 7.


                    I'm reluctant to install an entire O/S as my system is running, and by most standards running well. I guess the Intel Nic will not be updated until I get to that point in time where the OS is toast or near toast.


                    Thanks again for all your help. Maybe someone else will come along with a super program remover.... hey Intel any chance ???

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                      I was scanning the site some more and not wanting to just give up I came up with two programs.


                      PROUNINS.zip for removing PROSet and I think PROSet II on really old O/S.


                      Then I found P3UNIST.exe for more modern Window O/S's. Unfortunately it does not cover Windows 7 32 or 64 bit.


                      Does any one know how to get to the actual support files Intel has and is there any chance that Intel is Beta'ing a remover for Windows 7.


                      I can see lots of people are reading this posting, hopefully someone will be able to answer.


                      Thanks again.

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                        Are you aware there is another forum that would be appropriate for this thread? http://communities.intel.com/community/wired .There is a an automated procedure for moving it. Regards. Peter

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                          Thanks for pointing this out. This thread has been moved to the Wired community. Not sure why I didn't see that group when I first joined. Thanks again.

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                            You might be able to use the normal uninstall depending on what changes were already done. If the uninstaller cannot find the right registry entries, then you will need to give the manual registry removal a try.


                            Intel PROSet is part of the Intel Network Connections package, so that is what you will find in the Windows Control Panel list for uninstalling a program. Here is a picture of mine with the latest Intel PROSet installed. The number is the version number.


                            I did not see the Network Connections software on the list of Intel programs you siad you found, so unless you missed it, you will need to go to the step below.


                            If the normal program uninstall fails, you should give the manual registry removal a try. The page at http://www.intel.com/support/network/sb/CS-029916.htm has the information you will need. Looking at your comments about not having a procedure for Windows 7, you probably found that page before. This page does apply to Windows 7 and will be updated to add Windows 7 to the list. Thank you for bringing the miss to our attention. I am not clear if you have already tried removing the registry entries yet or not.


                            Please post back with the latest status.


                            Mark H

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                              Hi Mark.


                              I looked at Programs through Control Panel and through Revo Uninstaller. Do go. There is absolutely nothing Intel Network, Intel PROset or Intel Communications listed.


                              I did not execute the manual uninstall as numerous entries did not line up or values just weren't present. Like point 6 in the procedure where it references "remove the numbered (ie. 0001 or 0007 ). These values are not present. In point 9 on current version it says remove key {AAA8CA88-8A22-43D1-867F-ABD7944C9815}. This key is not there in any form. There were more but these two I remember not finding so I wasn't prepared to alter the registry.


                              If it would help I could do a detailed audit, point for point. No Intel NIC, Lan, Connection or PROSet


                              Here is a snap shot from my Program listing in Windows 7. ( Well it was in my post. Guess being a new user I'm not allowed to post pictures.)



                              I have completed detailed audit on the manual Registry edits against Windows 7 in Word format that i could supply to the "Experts".


                              I appreciate the help you are providing... Thank you.

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                                This is a duplicate that system won't let me delete.

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                                  Hi Mark,

                                  other companies provide removal tools, Intel is expecting its customers to go try for several hours to make sense of cryptical instructions. I tried for more than three hours fix the botched upgrade and - unless you can help - may have to find non-Intel software so that I can at least get some connectivity back :-(


                                  1) Re http://www.intel.com/support/network/sb/CS-016722.htm, the instruction "Start > Programs > Accessories" lack the part "> Command Prompt" (XP) and, in W7, should read "Start cmd". - that is the easy part.


                                  2) What are "teams"?


                                  3) What exactly are the NICs (Network Interface Cards) in the Device Manager? Are we to uninstall all Network Adapters? What about the Network Controller under "Other Devices"?


                                  6) What does "i.e. 0001 or 0007" mean?  Only 0001 and 0007, or anything that has four digits? What is "the name of your Intel LAN connection"? I have "0000: Intel(R) Centrino(R) WiMAX Enumerator", Is that my "Intel LAN connection"?


                                  7) I hope I found those


                                  8) Is "Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6250 AGN" an "Intel LAN connection"? I hope, because I deleted it.


                                  The remainder is clear, but, again, if somebody can write this down as a document, why not writing it into code and make it available to your customers?


                                  Rebooting and praying ...



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                                    Praying didn't help :-(


                                    At a minimum couldn't the Installer tell, which setting, key, or file was causing the conflict? The mere "error status: 1603" isn't really helpful.



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