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    DX79TO boot issues


      I have just installed Windows 7 64bit on a 128GB SSD drive on the DX79TO board (with I7-3930) processor.


      During windows install, everything loaded OK and rebooted as expected (though slowly, see later)


      After instsalling all the MB drivers and windows updates, as well as driver for a Quadro 2000d graphics csard, the machine frequently hangs during reboot:


      If I do a restart from windows it always restarts OK


      If I shut down, then it may or may not hang on loading windows.


      If I shut down and pull the power (then wait for power to drain form the MB before rebooting) it ALWAYS fails to boot.


      Regardless the solution always seems to be to reboot in safe mode then reboot normally.


      I have no idea if this is connected but the computer seems to take a long time to get the flashing windows logo on bootup (around 25 secs). This motherboard also has POST codes on board and even when it does boot ok, it never gets to 00, it only ends up at F8


      Also, as you can (just about) see below, When loading windows, I get the starting windows text, then about 10secs later the windows logo comes up. At the same time, a dos text "94" appears next to "starting windows" and I have no idea where this comes from.


      Thanks for your help!