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    Intel 82579V Gigabit Onboard Ethernet only working at 10Mbs on new build.


      I just built a new PC with an Asus Maximus IV Z-Gene/3Gen Motherboard which has an Intel 82579V Gigabit Onboard Lan.


      I have been going crazy all weekend trying to get this to work.  I have used the driver off the mobo disc and I also used the latest driver downloaded from the net.  I have verified all ethernet cables are working properly so this is not a cable or driver issue.


      My NIC was originally set to Auto-Negotiation.  If I set it to that and monitor my adapter from Network and Sharing it will say:  Cable is Unplugged but then flash Enabled every couple of seconds.  Same thing happens if I set it to 100Mbs.  However, if I set it to 10Mbs it establishes a connection to the network but that is just far to slow and it seems to get gradually slower the more I use it (is receiving way more packets then it sents for some reason and if I send a ping in cmd to google.com it will often get a 25% or 50% loss.)


      I have another PC running off this Linksys WRT54G2 Router with a wired connection and it works perfectly at 100Mbs.  I have tried using the cable in that PC into this new one but still does same thing.  I also have a laptop running wirelessly from this router at it runs at 54Mbs.  However this one new PC just will not.  I went out and bought a new Cat6 cable also but that changes nothing (biggest waste of $26 =/ )


      So after some research and reading this forum I am starting to think that this 82579V chip is just really unreliable?  What else could it be at this point?  I could just buy a PCI-E NIC card and place it in an expansion but I just spent all this money I went it to work properly you know?


      Is anyone familiar with this issue or a possible solution?  Any help is greatly appreciated... thanks in advance!

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          The PC that works perfectly with the router - what type of onboard ethernet does it have?


          Remember that if you disable autonegotiation on only one end of a connection, the other half has to drop to half-duplex.  Make sure you set to 100/Full on the new PC *and* the router port at the same time.

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            This is definitely an issue with 82579V.  My wireless connection is working flawlessly however my wired connection to same router is SLOW.  I updated the latest drivers and PROset from Intel as the ones from Asus were not up-to-date.  That allowed me to make a stable connection however now it is just freakishly slow.  I have the adapter set to Auto-Negotiation now and everything is back to default.


            I am connecting to a NetGear WNDR3300 Router.  I am using a brand new Cat6 cable but my wired connection is terrible.  I have read alot of people having these issues with the 82579V but I have seen no fixes besides download latest drivers and check cables.  I am past the point of it being a cable or driver since cable is new and driver is up to date.  Any settings and suggestions to fix this?  I do not see anywhere in my router UI to change link speed so I can set them both to 100Mbs and see how it runs.  If I set my adapter to 10Mbs then it will run 10Mbs however if it is on Auto Negotiation it will only run at 1Mbs and if it is on 100Mbs it will run even less that that at like 600Kbs.  I don't understand this.


            My wireless is running at 54Mbs... how can my wired connection be slower?

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              O and sorry my laptop that works fine when wired in is a RealTek RTL8101 Ethernet.  And my other desktop uses some Dynex expansion PCI NIC card.  They all work fine at 100Mbs speed wired to the router.  Its just this new motherboard with the 82579V ethernet on board.. but I have new cables and best drivers.