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    EC5549 1366 Compatibility Question


      I recently pulled one of these chips out of a server and was testing it in my Gigabyte X58A-OC. I attempted to boot the board and got the no processor installed boot code (which I expected). However, when I went to put my i7 920 back in, I noticed that three of the pins in the socket were burned and/or broken. I checked the bottom of the EC5549 and they were all stuck to that.


      Is the pinout on the bottom of the EC5549 different than a 920? I didn't surprise me that it didn't boot as it's not explicitly listed as a compatible chip from Gigabyte. However, I was quite surprised that it killed my board. Under the specifications, it lists FCLGA1366 as the supported socket which is the same as the i7 920.




      I've got a dead board now and I'm trying to figure out why...

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          Keep in mind that the fact that 2 processors are based on the same socket (1366 in this case), it does not necessarily make them compatible with a particular motherboard, that is why all motherboard manufacturers most have a list of supported / tested processors.

          And depending on the motherboard manufacturer, in some cases if you install a non-supported processor there, the motherboard might be damaged and even the processor can also be damaged, that is why we suggest testing a processor only on a motherboard that is fully compatible with the processor,  and that is by checking the list of compatible processors for the specific motherboard.