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    i5 2500k CPU Graphic and AERO problem (running out of memory)



      i have big a problem. everytime when i start my tv tool (dvbviewer), the memory on dwm.exe (aero) is exploding from 160mb to 1200mb (fluctuating).

      After few seconds Aero is disabling automaticly (running out of memory). I let dvbviewer open and enable AERO again and then its working without running out of memory. but everytime i start the program again to watch tv, this will happen again. if watch only with my ati this will not happen.


      my configuration:

      Primary Graphic: i5 2500k cpu graphic with 512mb memory(on this screen running dvbviewer to watch TV) ( i tried the last 3 drivers versions)

      Secondary Graphic: AMD ATI 5850



      I dont know, if it is a driver problem or problem of the tool, but i think it is driver, because its running well, when i use ony my ATI card.


      i hope someone can help.


      best regards.