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    Surveillance applications pros and cons Xeon vs i7


      I hope to get recommendations regarding the perfect combination regarding choice of CPU, motherbard and graphical card to be used in surveillance applications. We are a distributing company, OEM partner to Dell Inc. We use IQinVision surveillance products mostly in the solutions we propose to our customers. The cameras today is using H.264 with 1080P resolution and 15frmes/sec in average. There is a lot of video to decompress. All systems are designed with 24/7 operation in mind and the average deployment is approx 15 cameras and the large installations consists of 50-100 cams.  We mostly separate clints from servers/storage. The products from Dell we use is Precision series for smaller deployments and PowerEdge R710 for larger systems. The smaller deployments is single CPU while larger is 2xCPU.


      We have noticed that i7 seems to handle multiview better then Xeon, I hope to get your help to confirm if that is a fact nd why.


      What is the best combination regarding CPU and motherboard? Is i7 handeling decompressing video better?? Or is Xeon equal to i7 with the avantage of being design for 24/7 operations?


      Well that was many questions ione post. I hope for your response. Rgrds // Kenneth

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          There are a few differences between i7 and Xeons but none to put I7 in front of  xeons.

          Xeons are usually made for 24/7 operation as you stated but I7 could allso provide that.

          Main advantages of Xeons over I7 is ECC memory support as well as larger ammount of memory supported. Technologies are also better on Xeon side when working with large ammount of data, see Demand Base Switching.

          I also do these kinds of surveillance workstations and always go for Xeons as they offer better reliability and better efficiency. Please note most I7 have a higher power consumption then Xeons.

          For surveillance onboard videocards do just fine, stuff like : XGI, Matrox etc.