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    Unprovision AMT Locally




      I am interested in a method of unprovisioning an AMT device locally, either via the HECI driver, or through the Local Manageability Service (LMS) interfaces. There are situations where I am unable to authenticate to an AMT device, even though I am still able to remotely manage the system at the application layer. This usually occurs if the system was partially provisioned, but didn't complete properly, or something similar.


      I looked at the unprovisionex utility, and played with it a little, and I've used it before successfully, but only when I knew the credentials to connect to the system. I was hoping that an administrator could execute something to initiate erasage of the provisioning data on a local system.




      Trevor Sullivan

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          The ability to unprovisioning locally does not exist with the currently released AMT firmware versions; this restriction was done as a security measure.  Only local method for unprovisioning is to log into the MEBx (pressing control-p during boot) on the client and performing the unprovision from within there.

          --Matt Royer