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    intel hd3000 and 1080p problem


      Hello all,

      I have a asus laptop with a intel 3000 hd in it i went a bought a new tv 46" 3d and was going to watch a 3d movie from my laptop through hdmi. When i plug the laptop in the sees it on the tv but is not in 1080p or any high def its a screen res. like 1900x1080 but my tv wont do 3d unless it is reconigzed as 1080p or 720p I have a laptop with a nvidia chip and it sees it as 720p from the get go. So what im asking is there some special thing i need to do to get it seen as a 1080p or am i stuck watching it from the other laptop?


      btw current laptop is a asus U56E and its a vizio tele.