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    RS2BL040 raid 10


      Hey all


      trying to setup a RS2BL040 raid controller in raid 10 with 4 x 2tb drives on my server. server board is s5520hc. but the only options it gives me is raid 0,1,5,6 have looked all over on how to setup raid 10 but no joy. anyone who can assited. i would gladly appreciate it.

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          dont worry intel support desk sorted me out , thanks william

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            ...and the answer was????  How does your response help anyone else that is having the same issue?  It would be extremely helpful to include what specific steps needed to be done to enable RAID 10 on the RS2BL040 controller! Can anyone provide a clear answer to this question?


            I am very familiar with RAID levels, and have worked with other brand RAID controllers, but I am not having any luck being able to set up RAID 10 with this controller, even though it supposedly can handle it.


            Current Setup:

            Single RS2BL040 controller

            SC5000PSL motherboard and 5U chassis

            Hot Swap Chassis:  (1) 4-Bay; (1) 6-Bay

            6-Drive currently set up with RAID 10 (w/o spares)


            I am replacing the (4) 1TB drives in the 4-Bay chassis with (4) 4TB drives.  I deleted the previous virtual drive the 1TB drives were originally built with, which was in RAID 0 configuration, and removed the drives.  I added the new 4TB drives, and their current status "Unconfigured Good".  When I try to set up a virtual drive under Advanced, and add the 4 new, available drives, it will not allow me to create a Drive Group (which would otherwise allow me to proceed further and create the RAID 10 array).


            Urgent!  Please help!





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              Follow the steps in the Intel® RAID Software User's Guide, page 77 (PDF page 91/208)