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    Install more memory than original specs stated?


      The specs of my Intel DP43BF board state that it only supports a maximum memory total of 8GB @ 2GB x 4DIMMs. I updated the bios to the most recent release, which stated it provided addional support for for DIMMs with 2Gbit SDRAM density (memory with 8 chips on each side). I placed 2 x 4GB sticks in the two main slots, booted up and the bios recognized it perfectly.


      For the heck of it I installed an additional 2GB stick in an available slot, booted up to the bios setup, and it looks like the bios reads the additional memory, reading 10240MB of total memory (2x4GB sticks, 1x2GB stick). Is this possible because of the bios update? Or do I risk damaging the motherboard/system?

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          Hello chrisalamat,


          I understand that you want to know if the Intel(R) Desktop Board DP43BF is capable of using more memory that 8GB and the possible repercussions that you can encounter if you use more than that amount of memory.


          Because your motherboard utilizes the 82P43 Graphics and Memory Controller Hub, the motherboard limitations may be lower than what the memory controller can handle. Now the motherboard was designed to utilize up to 8GB of memory and using more than that amount of memory can cause data corruption.


          We do not recommend you to go over the limit, the update to the memory support was made so that customers could purchase dual channel kits of 8GB of memory instead of 4X2 GB sticks.