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    DX58SO - Blackout now blinking power


      I recently had my computer blow out on me.  I didn't have a power supply testor but the system shut off without indication, followed a few seconds later with a brief flicker then silence.  At first I figured the machine overheated but it was relatively cool inside the chassis.  I changed from UPS to wall to test (as well as server and a few other things running just fine on same UPS) and the machine booted for 1 minute then flashed out again.  I checked a few cables and the board looks clean, no burn outs or melting wire.


      I since replaced the PSU on the off chance I could get a quick fix.  Placed the new PSU in, run it fine for 2 days, then as soon as I plug in my microphone into a tower analog port, the machine instantly shut off again.  Now when I power the machine on it is blinking on-off-on-off-on-off in roughly .5 second intervals.  There are no visable shorts, I have checked every cable and replaced a few key ones, and my mb is properly laid.   I don't see anything about this at least by the search strings I am able to think of at the moment.  So I am trying these forums for some luck.


      I have since tried reseating the ram.  This system has worked fine for over a year, I can get the full specs if I need to but don't have them immediate.  I originally had a Tagan BZ1300, but I replaced it with a Seasonic 650W Gold PSU which is a good 100W above peak demand.  All fans work, I have minimal components on the machine and the tower is an Antec Twelve Hundred so it has good ventilation.

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          Hello Ubentobox,


          I see that you are having reboot problems on your system after you plugged in a microphone in one of the analog jacks.


          I recommend testing the system out of the chassis on top of a non-conductive surface; this could be a wooden table or a newspaper. Also while you are taking the motherboard out of the chassis, you can clear the cmos by removing the power cables from the motherboard ( 2x12 and 2x2) and the  cmos battery for an hour. Once you have the motherboard out of the chassis and cleared the cmos, we need to test the motherboard on a basic configuration, this means have the system as basic as we can. Have only the power supply and the processor with its Heat Sink. We won't need memory or any other device as we are seeking for 3 long beep tones. If you receive the beep tones, then turn off the computer and test with one memory stick and the monitor connected.

          Please note that you should not have connected any front panel audio or USB.


          If the problem continues, you should try to replace the motherboard.