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    Need Help on DZ68BC Bios Update ?


      Completed a new build and i can only assume the new DZ68BC MB will have an earlier Bios version versus the latest 0027. My question is should i update the Bios to 0027 1st thing after the initial boot and if yes will the 0027 Bios update have to be on a cd disc or will the pc read it from a usb 2.0 flash drive i have it stored to along with all the other pertinent latest drivers i will need after the initial Win 7 install ?


      I know i can update it later but if done later will the 0027 update set the Bios back to the Default settings ?


      Sorry for probably silly questions but i just want to make sure i follow proper Intel procedures for this DZ68BC MB


      Regards & Thanks for any replys, Ron

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          Hi Ron -  The link will take you to Intel's recommended procedure for updating after initial boot. http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-031891.htm?wapkw=(driver+installation+order) . I would recommend completing these updates and then update the BIOS. The express method of updating , http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-023357.htm , works well. Note any changes you have made to default settings before the update and then, afterwards, enter the BIOS to ensure the update did not change your settings. Regards. Peter

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            Thank You very much for the info with links.


            Although i will be performing the initial boot with a single discrete Nvidia 560ti video card i also assume i should in the Bios " Under Configuration -> Video, set the Integrated Graphics Device option to " Always ENABLE " in case later i install the Lucid Virtu software. Is that correct even though i plan on always using the discrete Nvidia 560ti video card ?


            Sorry i forgot to ask this additional question in my 1st post.


            Regards & Thanks for any replys, Ron 

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              Ron - I can not answer your question directly. I have found the info at this link helpful in the past. http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/biosglossarybymenu_v17.pdf . Hope that helps. 

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                Ron --


                I just completed a build with DZ68BC and 560ti a couple weeks ago.


                I recommend updating the BIOS to 0027 "first thing" -- before installing OS.  Put the 0027 bios file on a USB flash drive and use the "F7" at boot to update BIOS.  Afterwards, check settings -- some of mine were cleared by the BIOS update (most notably, I had set RAID and after BIOS updated it was back to AHCI).


                As for video...  I initially set my system up with just the onboard video, then installed the 560ti later.  Yes, you need to set integrated video to "Always on" if you intend to use Lucid.  Also set video "priority" for the adapter to which you will be attaching your monitor -- typically this would be the PCI video card. 


                Hope that helps.

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                  Yes, I would agree with "first thing" (the list at an earlier link doesn't even mention BIOS, since it's implied that it's already done) because the Windows installation can potentially benefit.


                  As for updating it subsequently, should the need ever arise, I've read here that you might want to remove the video card to do it, but practically speaking, I would hope that merely switching to internal video would be enough.

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                    Alan, Thanks for the info. I will do as you suggest and immediately during initial 1st boot tap F7 and insert my USB flash drive which already contains the latest 0027 express Bios update on it. I just didnt know if the PC would be recognizing the  USB 2.0 ports on initial boot to install the express bios update method versus the flash method from a bootable USB device.


                    Dont know for sure if i will be later on installing the Lucid Virtu software since some folks claim it reduces the performance of your discrete GPU video card slightly. I plan on running from either the 560ti DVI or its mini Hdmi output to the existing Asus VW246H Hdmi monitor.


                    Regards & Thanks again for all the help from ou fine folks !



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                      Actually, by "first thing" -- I mean before loading OS.  Doesn 't necessarily need to be done at first power-on.


                      At first power-on, I'd use F2 to go into BIOS and "look around" -- good time to check that your drives and cards are recognized, and familiarize yourself with the BIOS menu structure and options, and look to see that CPU temp and fans are all working.  Once you know the board "works", shut it down and put in your flash drive with bios file, then power-up and use F7 to load the new BIOS.


                      As "rseiler" said, the update can affect OS so best to do it before OS installation.  Also, any custom settings may be lost when updating, so might as well do the update first and then change the settings, otherwise you have to go through all the settings twice!


                      I would also recommend testing memory before loading OS.   If you have memory that supports XMP, go to the BIOS "Performance" menu and change it to XMP memory, reboot and make sure memory is running at expected speed/timings.  Then (whether or not you have XMP), boot to a MEMTEST86 disk and let the test run through at least one full cycle.


                      Bad memory can cause all kinds of wierd, intermittent problems later -- so best to check it before you start the OS loading!

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                        Alan i got your sequence steps down now. I do have the 4 x 4GB of Corsair Vengeance below so all the slots are filled and i planned on setting to XMP:





                        I plan on firing it up tomorrow so hopefully all will go fairly smooth.


                        Regards, Ron

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                          LOL - We must shop together.  DZ68BC, 560ti, and now Corsair Vengeance 16gb w/ low profile heat spreaders.   Same stuff here.  At least I can tell you it all works well together smoothly!  :-)

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                            Hi - You are correct that the  list does not mention BIOS but I do not think it is because of an implication that it is already done. In a number of articles in the Support section of this site, Intel recommends you only update the BIOS when it will correct a problem that you are experiencing. I do not agree with this philosophy but updating the BIOS prior to first boot does add another variable (potential problem) that does not have to be introduced at this step. Just my two-cents worth. Regards. Peter

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                              Out-of-the-box though has to be an exception. In those cases, we're a couple pages worth of revision notes out of date. I think fixing (and in some cases, updating) all that far outweighs the slim chance of a BIOS failure. Also, if you're going to be exceptionally unlucky, what better time?

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                                My board arrived with 0021.  One quick look at 0027 release notes and I saw it fixed a problem between RAID and Fast Boot, which were both features that I intended to use.  Further reading of release notes for 0026, 0025, 0024, 0023, and 0022...  Well, let's just say there were a LOT of updates/fixes there, and it would be hard to imagine anybody that would be unaffected by ALL of them.


                                I knew I eventually would want to load the 0027 release, so figured it was best to do so right away.  My 30-day return clock was ticking, so if the board wasn't going to work right with 0027 I wanted to know right up front!



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                                  Peter, the PDF regarding the Lucid Virtu technology was included in a document letter inside the retail DZ68BC box. I plan on running in D mode using the Nvidia 560ti as my primary but will set the Integrated Graphics to " Always ON " in the bios just in case later i decide to install its latest graphic drivers and the Virtu software but only after i have updated to the 0027 latest Bios.


                                  I built this rig to provide primarily video editing and very little gaming if any. Like Alan i was going to install at least a 120gb SSD along with the 1.5TB WD caviar black but i still have no faith with any of the SSD drives. The new Intel 520 series might prove to be reliable with resolved Sandforce issues but the consumer cost is IMO still too high.


                                  Regards, Ron

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