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    [XP Pro SP3] This version of Intel PROset is not supported to upgrade.


      I use a Intel Pro 100 GT networkcard and want to update the driver.


      Info from devicemanager:



      digital signer Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher


      1) Disabled the card in devicemanager and uninstal.

      2) Install new diver PRO2KXP_v13_4.exe

      3) Get error: This version of Intel PROset is not supported to upgrade.

      4) reboot PC

      5) After reboot Windows finds new hardware and do not ask how to install, but uses automatically above driver

      6) tried to install without disabling or uninstall, get the same error.


      What I am doing wrong??? Or what must I do to update the driver of this card to the latest version???


      Yesterday, I searched by Google and couldnot find something what to do. Also searched this community, also no findings. I cannot think I am the first in the www with this error on trying to update this nice netwerkcard drivers.


      Thanx in advance for your time to help me.


      Kind Regards.

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          You probably have an older version of PROSet installed that must be uninstalled before the new version will install. Check add/remove programs in the control pane for PROSet and uninstall it. Then you should be able to install the latest version.

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            I checked add/remove programs in the control pane for PROSet, but there is nothing of Intel or PROSet to uninstall?

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              Try using the utility at http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=6036 to remove any leftover PROSet files. If that does not work, and no one else has any ideas, you should contact technical support. Support options are listed at http://www.intel.com/support/feedback.htm.

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                I used the Uninstall as you adviced, but with no succes. So, now I will contact the technical support. May be, they can help me.

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                  Thank you for contacting Intel(R) Technical Support.

                  I understand that you are unable to update the drivers for your adapter.

                  For troubleshooting purposes, please remove the Intel® PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapter from Device Manager (Start\Settings\Control Panel\System\Hardware tab\Device Manager\Network adapters).  Once you have removed the adapter from the system, you may run PROSet Uninstallers in order to remove PROSet from the system.  When PROSet has been removed from the system the PROSetUninstallerNT.exe enclosed in [PROUNINS.ZIP] needs to be executed in order to remove all entries of the Intel® Adapter.
                  After running the [PROUNINS.ZIP] please run the [P3UNIST.EXE] Beta uninstaller.

                  By removing the adapter and PROSet completely from your system, in case the adapter was installed improperly, these steps will hopefully correct the issue.

                  PROUninstaller [PROUNINS.ZIP]

                  Beta PROSet Uninstaller [P3UNIST.EXE]

                  It is also recommended that you use the latest drivers and software for your adapter. These are available at the following URL:



                  Elluany S.
                  Intel(R) Technical Support
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                    I did what Elluany S. told me to do, but no succes. I would not say that what Elluany S. said to do was the issue, but after it I needed to put back my last image of a week ago. So I lost the mail from Elluany S.and will re-open my question.

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                      Elluany S. had some extra advice which also did not work:

                      If you the problem persist after following the instructions above, we recommend you to try removing the adapter entries from the registry. The instructions bellow explains this procedure:


                      This key holds Intel(R) adapters. Scroll through the number [0000-000n] until you see the NIC info you're trying to remove.  Then remove the number key of the NIC (i.e. 0001)

                      Delete the driver e1000325.sys from the system32\drivers\ directory.

                      Delete the key: Hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\Services\E1000

                      Restart the system and reinstall the drivers.

                      If the problem persists after this recommendation we strongly recommend you to contact your operating system manufacturer or reinstall your operating system.

                      For support in Europe please refer to the following URL:


                      Be continued......

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                        Hi all


                        Did anyone actually resolve this without reinstalling the whole OS or breaking their PC? I am having the exact same issue on one of our Windows 2003 Servers, It all began with the install of SP2 which killed the network connections on our server. The server was setup so that 2 intel cards would work as a team for load balancing, once SP2 was installed via windows update they failed to function correctly. I found that by removing the team this resolved the issue (Or so I thought) as we could once again ping the server etc but without the load balanced traffic. I then attempted to upgrade the drivers for the intel cards (v10 > v14) but am now being displayed with this msg that an old driver must be uninstalled before the new one can be reinstalled. I cannot seem to get rid of this anywhere I have tried the control panel which does not remove it, I have tried the uninstallers and they have not worked I have tried manual efforts via safe mode and am still having problems. Unfortuantely I have also discovered that simply removing the team did not actually make the cards function correctly as they seem to drop out under heavy loads and then come back on a few seconds or so later. It is critical that this is resolved and as you can imagine with it being a server a reinstall is not really an option. Any help would be awesome sadly Intel seem to have a bunch of chumps on their call centers who either dont understand what im telling them or say they cant help which I find a bit of a let down when its related to a piece of software on their site and for a server product.


                        Thanks in advance

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                          Same problem here:


                          I upgraded the Ethernet driver and the readme made me aware, that there is also a new version of PROSet. Stupid me, that I decided to upgrade that as well!


                          The readme wrote, that one first has to uninstall any old versions of PROSet, if present. So I uninstalled PROSet. The uninstall went almost 100% trough but at the end issued some error msg. (which, alas, I didn't record nor pay too much attention and clicked away).


                          When I tried to reinstall the new version I got the error message: "...This version of Intel PROset is not supported to upgrade. ... ". Sh** - I thought I had uninstalled this beast!


                          So I googled, found this thread and tried to clean up the mess using the two referenced Uninstall-tools (PROUninstaller and Beta PROSet Uninstaller), but that didn't help. Still getting the subject error message when trying to rrun the PROSet isntaller. And worse: since that uninstall of PROSet I am now always getting bluescreens on system shutdown. Truely terrific!



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                            After one day of problem solving, I succeeded to upgrade both the wireless and the wired (Ethernet) driver. I started as indicated in this thread with the error message "This version of Intel PROset is not supported to upgrade.............." when trying to install the wired driver.


                            The problem seems to be that Intel decided to move the configuration option from their own utility to the system/hardware/device manager tab on the device properties. That change is apparently not compatible with previous (dedicated) utilities. That combined with left-over’s of previous installs seems to cause the error.


                            I managed to identify the leftover by searching in the registry (regedit) for mprosafe

                            Google for example for   mprosafe and/or mcore   and that displays references with a number of those Intel m-starting modules

                            If you can find such a module in the registry after uninstallations as described in this thread, you may be in the same situation as I was

                            So in my case mprosafe was still in the registry.

                            Also sometimes many of those m modules appear in the add/remove programs of the control panel



                            What I did in my case (win XP home, downgraded form vista, on a Sony Vaio VGN FE41S)


                            0. Install a trial version (or buy it, it's a great help) of   Total Uninstall  by  www.martau.com

                            1. uninstalled the wired and wireless Intel software: first through the control panel add/remove

                            2. and after that a separate uninstall through the device manager (right click on the adapter), should the device(s) still be there

                            3. boot

                            4. quit new hardware found  (big windows asking to install, I don’t mean the message on the taskbar) if possible. That will result in a yellow exclamation mark in de the device manager for those adapters. That’s fine for now.

                            (4a. I even did remove the RIGHT .inf files, so both wired and wireless ended as yellow marked.)


                            5. install an older version, in my case a v11 of the wireless package

                            6. boot and quit new hardware found

                            7. uninstall that driver like step 1 and 2

                            8. If you are lucky total uninstall will now list the m modele that was left from previous installs, in my case mprosafe

                            9. uninstall that m module (mprosafe in my case) from within totall uninstall first by using the 'program uninstall' option if that is available (means there is a normal uninstall for that m module).


                            If step 9 worked (there was an uninstaller for the leftover) you might consider to skip step 9a  the first time amd go to step 10.

                            9a. Precaution: Then analyze the leftovers and remove them (from within totall uninstall) if they are all Intel coms related. Some registry knowledge is needed for that judgment. The automatic restore point  of total uninstaal could be your safeguard should things go wrong.


                            10. boot and quit hardware found

                            11. install the required package, in my case

                                     PROXP pro 100 network connection v14.3  (actual version that was installed, 06-Dec-07,   for my Pro/100 VE )

                                    wired  wireless ICS_Dx32 v   (actual version that was installed  12 .4.3.9, 28-May-09,   for my Pro/wireless 3945ABG )


                            After that, my firewall had to be reinstalled (AVG Internet security) because the above removal/install ended with an AVG mini port driver #6 having a yellow exclamation mark in the device manager


                            It would be a lot easier and more reliable if Intel would provide a working installation cleaner for older drivers.


                            Message was edited by: Dick99999: actual versions and precaution added

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                              I know this is an old post but I lost 10 to 15 hours doing everything recommended in every post I could find.  I finally used a program called Perfect Uninstall and 10 minutes later I could update to 14.3 drivers.  The problem was something called Prosafe Wired that windows didn't see.  I saw another post on the web talking about Smarty Uninstall (I think) but didn't try that one.  Try and see if it works for you as it did me.

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                                Just spent quite a few hours trying to resolve this on Vista x64. There was no mention of PROset installed in 'programs and features' (control panel). Deleting the adaptor and having it switch to Vista-supplied drivers didn't help. In the end found something in the registry which I thought I'd try. There was a key called 'UninstallString' under 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\PROSetDX' which was set to 'MsiExec.exe /I{some_GUID}'. I ran this from command prompt and the phantom proSET uninstaller started and I was able to uninstall the old version of proSET. You'll have to look up the GUID in your own registry though as I'm not sure if it's unique per installation or common to all installations.

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