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    can I change partition size after the fact


      I am running Win7 ultimate on a Intel SSD 80g hard drive. I partitioned the hard drive 20/60. I thought I was making C/ 60gigs and D/ 20gigs but the system made C/ 20g and D/60g. So far the OS on C has only 2.5gigs of free space left and I need to extend the space in C. Is there a way to make the C partition larger without having to start over with the system and program install? If so what is the process?

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          I am using the free program "EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition" to resize partitions. http://www.partition-tool.com/

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            You can do that easily in Windows. This assumes the D partition is empty or is less then 20GB used. From Control Panel choose Administrative Tools, then Computer Management, then Storage, and finally Disk Management.


            You should see your SSD and it's two partitions, C and D. Right click on the D partition and select Shrink Volume. Since you want to shrink it by 40GB, you'll need to enter 40,000 (40000) MB (1GB = 1,000MB), since Windows uses a MB as the main unit.  Follow the prompts and you're done with the first step.


            Next, right click on the C partition, and select Extend Volume. Then you'll enter the 40,000 (40000) MB, and follow the prompts.


            You could also first delete the D partition/volume, and extend the C partition as much as you like, and then recreate the D partition with the remaining space.

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