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    5100 AGN Windows XP Crashing/Freezing


      Hi All,

      Picture the scene. I have a Samsung N510 netbook which has a Realtek wireless card installed. Absolutely useless card, cannot transfer large files over the network and constant disconnects under Debian.


      So I purchase a good quality card made by a well known manufacturer; a 512AN_HMW 5100AGN. Works better under Debian but I want to run XP. Now I have a base installation of XP Pro and whenever I go to install the card drivers (direct download from Intel) it will crash, locks up completely. Hard power off and on again but cannot get into windows. Blank screen instead of the splash screen.





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          Hello Dan,


          Note that the Intel® WiFi Link 5100 Adapter is meant to be professionally installed by Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) technicians on certified systems only.


          Your system must be compliant with the required FCC certifications in compliance with the International Special Committee for Radio Interference standards for radiated and conducted electromagnetic interference.


          It is possible that the computer you have is not compatible with Intel® WiFi Link 5100 Adapter only with the adapter that was originally integrated in your system, Linux* is a powerful Operating System that goes beyond what the BIOS is able to see or detect.


          Try updating the BIOS of your laptop to improve compatibility and if that doesn’t work you might need to contact the computer manufacturer and get an Intel® WiFi Link 5100 Adapter directly from them.


          Installing an aftermarket wireless adapter in your laptop can cause several issues which may affect usage of the wireless adapter or laptop. Some of these issues may include the following:

          - The OEM may have installed the wireless adapter with a lock to prevent installation of another adapter.

          - Your adapter may not be electrically compatible with your laptop that may cause the adapter and/or your laptop to no longer function.

          - Wireless hardware installation and use is subject to regulatory approval, and the adapter purchased may not support your local regulations.


          For additional information, refer to:


          Intel® WiFi Products - Upgrade or exchange Intel® wireless adapter hardware



          Intel® WiFi Products - Why doesn't my laptop recognize my new Intel wireless adapter?