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    i5-2430M ram issue


      Hello! I`m a proud owner of an intel i5 gaming laptop for few then a week and I have an issue that my manufacturer couldn`t answer. I wrote to them the next issue, but they told me to talk to the local brench(it`s more simple for them to give this type of answer), and I consider this is the best place where I can find the best info about my problem. because it`s related to the intel processor.

      I will quote what I wrote and what problem I encountered that I didn`t found yet the answer: (sorry for my bad writting - not USA/UK)

      Hello, I have bought this laptop a week ago and I want to know if I can upgrade it with some ram (it has 4 slots - 6gb ram now in 2 slots) and I was wondering if I can put another 6 (make dual channel 4-4gb, and 2 with 2gb). I saw the msi gaming page where it`s said something that i5 processors accept only 2 sodimms (or was that it does not accept more then 16gb in total) ?


      More details: motherboard MS-16F2 that has 4 dimm slots.

      I saw the ark info on the processor and it says something with #memory 2. That means I can`t have 4 sodimms even if they don`t exceed 16 gb?