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    Problem with updating drivers Intel GMA 3150,Netbook Acer AO D255


      Hy,i'm sorry for mine bad english,i'm Italian,and i hope that you will understand my problem.

      I tryed to update the drivers of my Netbook Acer Aspire One D255,Windows 7 Starter,Atom N550 Dual Core,Intel GMA 3150,250gb hard disk,and 2gb Ram(I update the Ram with myself,in originally the netbook Ram was 1gb)

      The problem is that:

      i'm trying to update the drivers of mine GMA 3150,they currently are:igdumdx32.dll-,and after then i download the driver,and trying to install it,is writing an error then my netbook can't be updated;and in the automatic update center write then mine drivers are updated..

      BUT,the netbook of my girlfriend,Asus (I don't remember the name of the model,1015PEM maybe) Windows Starter 7,Atom N550 Dual Core,250gb hard disk,1gb Ram,INTEL GMA 3150 (in Short the same characteristics) has the drivers: (new).

      How can I update my drivers???i want to upgrade they,because,if the netbook Asus perfectly work with this drivers,mine will be work too perfect.

      I wrote to the acer support,and they answer that they can help only for the standard drivers software,not Intel GMA 3150.

      Thank you to all that will be help me,and i hope that you will understand my problem.