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    D925XECV2 - SATA Channels


      Drives are not recognized on channels 1 and 3 on this board.  I have verified that the drives work on another computer.  I want to be able to have three drives (not RAID) on this machine.  Is there a BIOS setting that I am missing?

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          Hi there,


          Firstly, i will try to make sure that i have the updated bios version 0506.
          I will connect my three sata drives to the first three sata ports. If there is any sata optical drive, connect it to the last sata port.
          Then i will go into the bios >> Advanced >> Configure Sata as IDE.
          Save and Exit.

          That's all - check in the bios if the drives are recognised as well.


          If it is still not recognised, try one drive by one on the different ports.





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