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    DZ68BC External Harddrive Enclosure


      For backup I have an external one drive enclosure with an eSATA connection , it also came with a rear expansion bracket to provide an additional eSATA rear port. The mobo eSATA is controlled by a Marvel controller and is not hot swap capable. I have unused internal Z68 chipset SATA ports and could utilize one to connect the eSATA bracket and provide eSATA support from the Z68 chipset as opposed to the Marvel. The bios has an option to make any of the Z68 SATA ports hot swap capable. At that point I would disable the Marvel controllers since neither the eSATA or internal ports are needed. I have read many opinions to disable the Marvel if not needed and utilize the native Z68 ports if possible. Wondering if anyone has experience doing this or thoughts about the tradeoffs?

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          I can't answer about using hot swap with the Z68 intel ports as I haven't tried that.


          But the Marvel eSata ports *DO* support hot swap.  I'm using them with eSata devices.  There is a driver properties page (Computer Management, Storage Controllers, Marvell 91xx SATA, Policies tab) where you can set "Enable safely remove disk".  That will allow you to shutdown/remove the eSata devices using the standard windows "Safely Remove Hardware" functionality.


          Make sure you have the latest Marvel 91xx driver, as the earlier ones didn't support hot swap.  The one currently available with other DZ68BC downloads will give you version, which supports hot swap.

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            Thanks for the information.

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              Let me know how it goes, I'm interested in your experience good/bad.  I don't fully "trust" the Marvell controllers, as I have read a lot of complaints about them.  But so far (knock on wood) they have worked perfectly for me -- although admittedly all I am using them for is eSATA with portable drives.