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    IRQ for PCI slot unassigned for a S1200BTS




      I have some trouble with the PCI slot of a S1200BTS server board.

      The BIOS did not assign an IRQ to this slot. I checked with four different PCI cards(audio, ethernet, ISDN, X.21): Each of them shows the IRQ "-1"(=0xFF, which means "unassigned"). I doublechecked with pci.exe (a dos tool) which shows the pci configuration space of each pci device.

      Also here the IRQ shows 0xFF. pci.exe tells me that interrupt line INTA is wired to the PCI slot but the slot has no interrupt assignment.

      I installed the latest BIOS version(86B.01.00.0032) but I havent't found a BIOS setting to assign an interrupt to the pci slot.

      Anybody with an idea?



      Uwe Andersen