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    Adding RAM to HD Graphics

      Is it true that adding RAM to our i5 HD Graphics Laptops would improve design (Autodesk Revit or CAD) and gaming (like Deus Ex: HR , Starcraft II on Ultra, or Skyrim that seems to be heavy games) performance? like 4GB to 8GB... is it considerably better?

      I'm Architect student, but like most of us, i'm really short of money LOL so miracles are to be made.. Thanks un advance!



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          Adding more physical memory may or may not increase the HD graphics memory. For example, adding more memory would not make a difference if your computer is configured to use a fixed allocation method for the graphics memory.


          I recommend you checking with your computer manufacturer on what options are available to increase your computer's graphics memory amount and whether adding more system memory is an option.




          Dago MC.