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    DX68DB Board boot problem


      I have just built a system using the DZ68DB board, i3-2130, 16 GM memory and a 1.5 TB hard drive.  Normal power-on gets a message saying no boot OS.  If I hold down the F10 key as I power up, it goes into a menu where I can select the hard drive.  Boot and loading then proceeds smoothly.  How can I get a delay set on the GE boot manager so I don't have to go through contortions?  By the way, the bios reports on CPU temp are in the range of  50-51 C.  This is not my first build.  I believe in good power supplies and LOTS of cooling!

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          feedback on cpu temp: often the temp reported in the BIOS is much higher then when the OS runs. Recommendation is to check the CPU temp from within the OS and see if it is still in this range if the system is idle (Windows uses a more advanced power savings setting then the BIOS).