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    DX58SO problems with uefi boot.


      hello there,

      i've got a bit of a problem here. i have 4TB raid 10 volume and (dont ask me why) i have to load windows 7 64bit onto it. beacaise i can't use bios boot i enabled uefi boot in bios, my sata drives are set to raid and i cant see them in my F10 list under uefi bootable devices. to add more to it i can't even see my dvd drive in it. if i disable raid and delete raid from the controller than my drives and dvd drive comes up at F10 screen but they're not uefi bootable devices (no uefi at the fornt of the name).

      i've got the latest ios loaded and i dont know what i'm doing wroing. caqn someone help me with this?




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          Hello Sam,


          I understand that you are having problems detecting your optical drive when booting the system in UEFI mode.


          We will need al little more information regarding your system configuration in order to assist you.


          Please provide us with the hard drives that you are using, the optical unit, power supply and BIOS version.