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    SC5299BRP case S5000VSA MB and 2 Xeon Dual Core Processors


      I have all this stuffed into the case.  I have had numerous problems in the past, but I got the server to post using an old processor.


      Now I am getting an amber light on the bottom most light on the front of the case.  All of the operating parameters are good.  What could be causing this?


      Also, I am getting an amber light next to the rear case fan power connector, and the fan only runs on high, like the thing thinks it is hot.


      I have two versions of this board.  I think the new board is in the server with the older processor, the E5300.  The older board is supports E5400 and will not post with the two E5400 processors.


      I fried a couple of hard drives and I don't know what else fried on the old board.  The RAM and the new board post and work fine.  I am using it as a NAS machine with BSD.  I would like to put the thing back together and use it as a server again, if I can do so without breaking the bank.  I have already purchased a new power supply and the new board(which is actuall an older version of the original board).


      Is there a way to know if the processors are bad or if the board is bad other than purchasing a new board ($240)?  


      Should I just scrap the whole thing and start over?  I hope not?  I have 2 E5400 Xeons that might be good, a couple of boards, and good RAM, and a case that I think is good.


      Thanks in advance for your help.