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    desperately need HELP!


      1st time builder. Everything was  running fine so I thought I'd try the autotune function in "Intel Extreme Tuning Tool". I was using the  "stay within acceptable parameters". Also using the base BIOS. I got a  screen that when trying to boot said something like "unsuccessful post attempt", so I went into BIOS and used the set defaults (F9). Everything  worked again. Came back later to a black screen. When I tried to restart  fans would come on, but black screen and system would power off in  about 20 seconds. Had an "E6" on the post board. I saw some similar threads  and used the Intel site suggestions. So that was to remove the battery  to reset the CMOS. Left it out an 1.5 hours. Now when I try to power on  fans go for 1sec and stop. Have a red LED light at bottom of  board. No clue what to try next. Have tried taking out all mem sticks but one as well as one video card, but still nothing.



      MB:     Intel DZ68BC

      Proc:   Intel i5-2500

      VC:     EVGA Geforce GTX 560 x2



      Not sure what other info would be needed.