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    DZ68DB USB Power With Computer Off


      I don't have access to a lot of outlets where I live, and I'm pretty well maxed out.  My new cellphone has a USB charger on it, which works great because I dont have a spot to plug it into a power strip, without having to unplug something else.  My old PC had power to the front USB ports even when turned off, so it was never a problem.


      In my new machine, I have the DZ68DB, and I can't seem to make it do that.  Is it possible on this board?  If so, where do I set that?  I cant seem to find anything at all in BIOS for USB other than toggles for on/off, and Boot From USB options.  And the Standby power light on the board is on as long as the PSU is switched on, so it is getting some sort of juice, but I can't find where to get that to a USB port.


      If the board doesn't do it, is there any other way to make that happen?  I just want to try something else before I go get an extension cord and run it into my roommates room to get another outlet.

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          I don't know if it's possible to do it with a plug-in board that would add USB ports (you might check out Newegg), but the tech manual for the DZ68DB makes no mention of charging ports, so I don't think there's any way to do it with built-in ports. For some other models, like the DZ68BC, Intel does make specific mention of it in the manuals.