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    Wishlist (Important)




      I have an Intel HD Graphics and Intel chipset too, but it's not very good. I just want you (developper) to make something in colaboration with Nvidia to do a mega update. I'm sure we don't need another graphic card to do some change in the graphic and performance.

      1. Test each code for Intel HD Graphic to have a compatiblity with Nvidia card and with that, we will be able to change graphic card just by downloading.

      2. Update by changing code and with test the OpenGL version to have at least 3.1 or 3.0 and Directx 11.


      All that it's possible. You don't have to change part. Just do like video game, take the same engine and change the code to ahve something great after.

      I'm very stuck with the Intel HD graphics on my Inspiron N5010 and it's ver annoying, because when Nvidia have update, it change a lot.


      I test on the desktop PC of my father and I was not able to play a game. I just update the graphic card and I pass at recommended setting and more.


      3. You can do a software that add code into the cumputer + performance and + graphic to play latest game (not Battlefield 3) but like Il2 cliffs of dover (aircraft simulation) or FSX at medium-high.


      Who agree with me???

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          I checked Nvidia website and when they have update of there graphic card (display driver), they update OpenGL and/or DirectX version and that for all driver and all version are compatible. A driver created in 2008 or 2007 can update to be like the best Nvidia card.


          Can you do something with Nvidia to have compatible driver to change driver. It can be appreciated for me and a lot of other people who want to play and don't have money to change laptop each year.