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    DZ68BC  USB 3.0 Connections ?


      I am currently in the process of a new build and purchased the Coolermaster Storm Enforcer case which comes with a USB 3.0  dual prewired cable to connect to the DZ68BC MB onboard internal dual header connection. The Storm Enforcer case has two USB 3.0 front ports so the DZ68BC onboard header will work just fine for the front case dual USB 3.0 ports.


      The problem is i also ordered the below 5.25" front bay AFT USB 3.0 Card Reader that requires a USB 3.0 port connection. Since the DZ68BC has no more onboard USB 3.0 connection ports can someone advise me an internal case alternative other then running the Card Readers USB 3.0 cable out the rear or the front of the Storm Enforcer case and plugging it into one of the external DZ68BC USB 3.0 ports ?





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          Hello Silverfox11407,


          I see that you need additional USB 3.0 front panel headers on your Intel(R) Desktop Board DZ68BC.


          In regards to your inquire, the only way to have additional USB 3.0 headers on your motherboard will be to purchase a USB 3.0 PCI card that you can connect to your motherboard and have additional ports.