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    Did Intel rename Intel® HD Graphics?


      Recently I bought a Toshiba laptop which contains Intel® Celeron® Processor B815 from my country's online market.


      The market said that "The laptop consist of Intel® Celeron® Processor B815, 2GB DDR3 SDRAM,  'Intel® HD Graphics 3000' and etc. ."




      In that time I didn't know clearly about the graphics specifications of sandy bridge cores, so I thought the video performance of my laptop would be same as the real video performance of Intel® HD Graphics 3000.


      After I'd bought it, I tried checking my laptop via ark.intel.com.  Checking it, I found that It didn't support technologies I thought it would support,


      In first, I thought 'Well...they might make a mistake. Let's call and check out.'


      But the market only confirmed that the web shop which Toshiba Korea manages show the same things as they do.



      So I called Toshiba Korea.


      And this is the conversation with them on phone :


      "Why did you post a wrong information? Intel® Celeron® Processor B815 doesn''t contain Intel® HD Graphics 3000. does it?"


      "You have a misunderstading with our product, sir. It really contains Intel® HD Graphics 3000."


      "What're you talking about? In Intel's support page, I've already identified that it doesn't!"


      "No. You don't know exactly what it is. It really contains Intel® HD Graphics 2000 which is RENAMED Intel® HD Graphics 3000."


      "How could it be Intel® HD Graphics 3000? This one doesn't support the technologies that Intel® HD Graphics 3000 supports and doesn't have enough fixel pipelines to be validated as Intel® HD Graphics 3000! And via ark.Intel.com I confirmed that its name is ONLY Intel® HD Graphics! And what? Was it renamed? I found NOTHING about renaming of Intel® HD Graphics! Are you sure that it was renamed?" 


      "Although it doesn't support some technologies like Intel® Quick Sync Video and Intel® InTru™ 3D Technology, It has the same name with the genuine one. And even if it didn't support some technologies as the genuine did, It couldn't be the reason for you to think what we've done is wrong. "




      After conversation I tried to find the article about renaming, I didn't find anything.


      I really want to confirm whether It was renamed or not. Is it true that Intel® HD Graphics was renamed Intel® HD Graphics 3000?



      (1) from http://www.lottemart.com/product/ProductDetail.do?CategoryID=C00600010103&ProductCD=0416168440006

      (2) from http://shoptoshiba.co.kr/goods/content.asp?num=53043&big=18&middle=1&small=33&evtLotte=N


      P.S Sorry for my awkward english. Maybe this page is not for the question like this, but I really hope your reply. Please help me.

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          There are two versions of Intel® HD Graphics, one contained on the First generation of processors with integrated graphics and another version in the second generation (codenamed Sandy Bridge platform).


          The second generation of Intel® HD Graphics its better than its predecessor, however it is not the same as Intel® HD Graphics 2000 or the top of the line Intel® HD Graphics 3000.