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    DX58SO2 fan speed throttle down not happening



      Has anybody else noticed that when the DX58SO2 fan speed is increased due to a temperature increase that it fails to fall / release when the temperature is returned to normal?

      It doesn't throttle back (or turn off) after system normalizes?

      If i enter the tuning utility and change the fan temp settings, it releases, and returns to normal.


      - Is there a Hysteresis on the return to normal? Or,

      - Is it a bug with the bios regulation program? Or,

      - Should i be using PWM fans rather than 3-pin voltage control fans?, Or

      - Something else?



      BR Rik

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          Hello generik0,


          I understand that you want to know why the system fans will sustain the higher RPM speed when even after the temperatures drop down.


          In regards to your question, there might be a recognition problem with the fans.


          The motherboard does utilize the Pulse-width modulation to control the fans, but you can control the fan spin using the Intel® Desktop Control Center.