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    Lost Ability to see DH67CL output on Monitor


      I built a new PC with a i3-2105 processor & DH67CL motherboard. Bringing it to life for the first time, I saw the Intel splash screen and then I used the F2 key to break into the BIOS settings. Examining the Video Configuration, I saw the “IDG Primary Video Port”. It had 4 options: AUTO, DVI-I (BLUE) ANALOG, DVI-I (BLUE) DIGITAL, and HDMI. I wanted to use the DVI-I DIGITAL video to drive my monitor so I selected that choice. I changed the BIOS option from AUTO to DVI-I (BLUE) DIGITAL. I then rebooted the PC and my monitor said "No Signal" and went into power saving mode (blank) losing the Intel splash screen, etc. I would like to get back to a condition where I can display information on my monitor.


      Joy from the chat line suggested removing the CMOS battery for at least 15 minutes to clear the BIOS back to original settings. I tried this for 30 minutes. That did not work so I tried it for over 12 hours. That also did not work. (I also bought a new View Sonic VX2450WM 24” monitor to try to eliminate any contributing problems from the monitor.) Do you have any suggestions on how to get a video signal from the motherboard to the monitor? I plan on installing W7 but have to get the display to work to do the install.  Many thanks.

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          I had the same problem once. Put the BIOS jumper into Configuration mode. See manual for more information.

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            Thanks to the many, many of you who looked at my problem and especially to odakim  who suggested the solution.  The solution was to move the BIOS CNFG jumper from "normal" position 1-2 to 2-3.  This caused my PC to go to the Configure mode.  This displayed the BIOS update screen.  I could then go to the VIDEO configuration and Change the IDG PRIMARY VIDEO PORT option back to AUTO.  Then I put the jumper back to "normal" position 1-2.  Then the PC would start normally displaying bios controlled text inviting me to load the operating system.


            Since my monitor would not display, this was a very frustrating problem leaving me blind to a remedy.  Again, thanks so much.