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    Incompatibilty of Corsair DDR3-1333-10600 RAM with DZ68DB


      Hello Sir,
      I had purchased this main board a month ago. But now I am really confused in a very complicated issue. I built this system using Core i5 2500K + Seagate 500 Gb + Corsair Value Select Single Channel 2*4Gb=8Gb DDR3-1333-10600 RAM in it, but with this configuration system gets started but halts on Bios Setting Screen, sometimes it goes further but then gets stucked right after 1 minute. I have also used a different 2 Gb DDR3-1066 Mhz RAM and at that time system boots from Usb and Windows 7 Setup was started but same happened after some time. Then i found some issues with RAM on intel support website but i didn't get any relevant answer from there. Now I want to know which is the right RAM module for it. Please help me out you're the only hope otherwise this board is useless for me.
      Vaishnav Anand