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    Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN ProSet+driver v15.0.0.75 = NO DRIVER... AGAIN!


      Yup! After the debacle of v14.3.0.6 I sourced a newer ProSet package from elsewhere. It also has no driver for Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN, so it looks like we're getting no more drivers fro this chipset.

      So, shall we roll back?

      Looks like the answer to tha is a resounding "NO", coupled with "we've screwed your system now".

      I know that v14.2.0.10 has no driver also so I tried for 13.5.0...

      After receiving errors about missing MSVCR100.dll files upon trying to start any of the ProSet software, I downloaded yet another MS Visual C++ Redist to add to my burgeoning collection, I now get pointless errors instead, simply telling me to reinstall. Of course - Intel being the pros at this that they are - it has no effect whatsover, nore does System File Checker throw up anything wrong with my system files.


      back to, which I seem to remember working just fine...

      NO! Same errors. It seems they've been introduced for keeps.


      Windows sent 2* crash reports on its own accord, relating to the failing ProSet software.

      Now I also have an occasional stutter in my audio, and seemingly my mouse, keyboard and others components - as my wireless struggles to work properly.

      GREAT WORK! I can only hope your kind are as hopeless at the depopulation agenda you set out to achieve as you are at this.

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          Please note that the Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN is a mature product which support is almost over.


          At drivers level the last Intel® PROSet/Wireless Connection software that is compatible with it is the 13.5 beyond this version the Intel® PROSet won’t detect the Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN.


          Also the latest driver version is the 12.4, therefore if you update to a newer Intel® PROSet/Wireless Connection software version the driver will still be the 12.4


          Then yes you should roll back to an older version.


          The problems you are seeing shows an Operating System that is been tainted it is possible that you need to reload the Operating System on it.