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    DP67BG - No Boot, Post Code 93, if I unplug my keyboard the system boots


      I installed my board yesterday with an i7-2700 processor (Quad core Unlocked version). When I initially setup the computer I had a strange issue where the computer was rebooting itself continiously, however, I turned the PC off at the power supply for a minute or two and then back on and the system booted back up.  I was able to get the system up and running with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate (several reboots, no problems (at least 20) and I was able to install Windows Updates and download several games from steam. However, this morning when I rebooted the computer it didn't come back up. I see a post message of "93" on the on-board post code, the screen is freezing at various points during the post\bios process.  However, if I unplug my keyboard (tried two different ones) the computer makes it all the way to the Windows 7 boot menu where it ask to boot in recovery or launch normaly.


      I am on BIOS 2053.

      Power Supply Antec TP-650

      Keyboard a PS2 connected with a USB adapter or a Dell basic Windows Keyboard. (same result no matter the keyboard)

      12 gig of Kingston T1 DDR3 1600 Mhz ram.


      What is frustrating is this computer was working and a simple reboot caused it to stop. Does anyone have any ideas?