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    Intel DH55TC no video with ATI Radeon 5770


      I decided to update my video on my Intel MB. Instead of using on-board HDMI, I went with ATI Radeon 5770 card. When I installed the card, I am not able to get any video output from the card or MB. I can’t see the Intel splash screen on the HDMI or DVI port. Once I removed the card, I can get the PC to boot after a few tries. It doesn’t boot up the first time, sometimes I get the Intel splash screen and it just hangs. After several power on/off cycle then the MB would boot.


      I know the card is good since I pulled it out of my other working desktop. I can see the HDD lights blinking so I know the PC is doing something but can’t see any video. Updated the bios to the latest one on Intel website. Made sure the card was in the slot and there is power going to the ATI card.


      This MB has been real flakey when it comes to booting up. If I add another HDD, it would hang during boot and would need to re-try several times…


      Running Windows 7 x64