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    I7-2700K indentations on connection pads


      I am building a new computer using the EVGA Z68 FTW Mobo. I had problems with the first build and had to RMA the Mobo.

      During troubleshooting for Post Code C (it's only one letter and it flashes) I removed the Microproc and examined the bottom

      of the chip with a good light and a magnifying glass.  I'm asking this question because I've never done this before because I

      never had a new build not POST.

      This is what I saw and the question is: Is this a normal thing to see after the brand new Microproc has been fully seated in the Socket??

      1. All of the connection pads looked clean

      2. The magnifying glass and the light revealed an indentation (like a pit) on almost all of the connection pads.

      3. It didn't look like the Pits went all the way thru the Pad.

      4. Most all of the Pits were in the center of the pads

      5. A couple of the Pits were not in the center of the pad, but were on the Pad.

      6. A few of the Pads did not have these Pits.

         a.  the pads that didn't have the Pits were around the center of the Microproc, that is on the edge of the area on the back

             of the Microproc that has the surface mounted chips, but not in the areas where the majority of the Pads are located.

      7. Are thes Pits (indentations or whatever you want to call them) a result of the Pins in the Socket contacting the Pads

         (as I suspect) or are they there as part of the manufacture of the Microproc??

      8. Are these Pits an issue that will cause further problems with POSTing when I insert the Microproc into the replacement

         Motherboard (a new EVGA Z68 FTW).

      Thank you in advance for any information and help.