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    Max RAM for i5 CPU




      I have a Dell XPS L701X that I have a RAM question...

      What is the Max Ram that I can put into this machine and be supported by the i5 CPU?


      Dell's Support Center software reports that I have...

      Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 460 @ 2.53GHz


      Total Physical Memory - 4.00 GB

      Maximum Supported Memory - 16.00 GB

      2048 MB DDR3-SDRAM (1333 MHz)

      2x RAM - SPD 2GB DDR3-SDRAM(1333 MHz) Samsung


      When I purchased the machine I asked if it was upgradeable to 16 GB and I was told YES.  Now Dell is telling me that they do not certify 8 GB sticks so the most I can upgrade to (certified) is 8 GB.  Although I see several manufacturers selling 8 GB sticks with the same parameters as the 4 GB sticks.


      I would like to purchase 2x, non Dell Certified, 8 GB sticks and install them giving me a total of 16 GB RAM.


      Q. Will the CPU support 16 GB of RAM?


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          Based on the Processor specifications, the maximum memory size supported will be 8GB. However, since the unit is integrated on a DELL system we will strongly recommend to confirm the information with them.


          The system manufacturers may limit or modify the features and usage of the processor. As they are familiar with the total configuration and compatibility of your system and the way all the features interact with each other we recommend to contact them for accurate assistance.


          If you need to confirm the Processor specifications, please access:


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            Hi Alvaro,


            Thanks for the speedy response. Not what I wanted to hear but needed an authoritative confirmation.


            Dell are confused as to what the MB & CPU will support. Their own Dell Support Center software reports a supported max of 16 GB as have 2 TS people then I get others at TS that tell me 8 GB is the max as there is only 2 slots and they only certify 4 GB sticks and have no 8 GB sticks... hence my question here!


            I guess this does put the question to bed.