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    Intel storage controller driver




      I have a question which I have been pondering about. I have an OCZ Vertex 3 SSD and using an Intel P67 based motherboard. Everything is working perfectly. My question is more for educational purposes.


      When installing a new SSD into a system, I have read that the storage controller mode needs to be set to AHCI (NOT IDE/legacy or RAID) - correct me if I am wrong here?


      Further to this, once one has installed the OS one would start with drivers as usual. This includes chipset driver's and so forth... Now on Vista & Windows 7, the OS uses the Microsoft generic AHCI driver (Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller) for the storage controller. This generic driver will be updated once Intel's latest chipset drivers are installed (e.g. Intel ICHXX/XX/XX X Port SATA AHCI Controller - XXXX, where "X" will be different depending on your storage controller).


      One also has the option to install Intel's RST (Rapid Storage Technology) driver & application. This driver usually updates or replaces the generic windows driver (if any) or even the Intel chipset driver as mentioned above.


      Now, this is where my actual question comes in.... whats the difference between Intel's AHCI driver loaded via the chipset driver setup and the one used by the Intel RST setup? Furthermore, which one should one use and why?

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          I do not understand what you refer to "chipset driver setup" and "the Intel RST setup".


          The only SATA drivers that we provide through Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology. One is loaded during the operating system installation, called "F6 driver" (zip file) and the other one is the driver that is loaded and updated through the software application that runs on the operating system or Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology user interface (which is installed with an executable file)..


          Could you please specify what files are you referring to?

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            Yes Diego_Intel, you do get a chipset driver too. This is for your motherboard's chipset. A.k.a. Intel® Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility). Here is a link to it: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=20775&ProdId=3301&lang=eng&OSVersion=%0A&DownloadType=Drivers



            So to confirm the procedure to reproduce what I am querying is as follows...


            The generic Microsoft AHCI driver looks like this in device manger:


            Then, once the Intel Chipset driver (as mentioned above) is loaded, the generic AHCI driver from Microsoft, gets changed to this in device manager:


            Then, after loading the Intel RST driver and application, the storage controller changes from either Microsoft's generic or Intel's chipset driver, to this in device manager:



            I hope that this is clear enough?