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    Help! Unknown Device on Intel ICH8DH LPC interface controller. What is it?


      I'm having a problem with finding a driver for an "unknown device" showing up in the device manager.


      The system specifics are: Motherboard - DG965WH, OS in Windows XP Pro (SP3), and all XP drivers from the Intel website have been installed except for the Intel "Raid"  driver. When I attempt to install this the installer says the system doesn't meet the minimum requirements, and then exits.


      The "Unknown Device" specifics with in the device manager are:

      Location:   on intel ICH8DH LPC interface contoller



      Can someone tell me what this is, or direct me to the proper driver.


      Motherboard Bios has been updated to the latest Bios file, and all Windows XP updates completed. I still have this issue. Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance, RagnCagn.