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    Adding SAS drives to SR1625URR / S5525URR  server




      The SR1625URR basic configuration with passive midplane  allows SATA disks to be connected,  the SATA drives can run with on-board limited raid.

      I was checking possibility to add SAS drives instead, from what I have found, this server has alternative called SR1625URRSAS, the URR version has passive midplane, the URSAS has active midplane, allowing SAS drives.


      If i understand the docs right,  its not possible use SAS drives with passive midplane? or there is some option, or they can run without raid in this config?

      If i buy the active midplane called FALSASMP2, this makes the system upgraded to SR1625URRSAS  or something else is missing?  Can I use SAS drives in raid with the active midplane without DIMM RAM/key? or I need full h-w raid support to use raid with this card? (I assume the basic SR1625URRSAS package comes without the dimm/key on the midplane, I'm not sure if it is raid ready with this setup)


      if its possible to use active midplane for sas in raid without the activation key, is it seriously limited in regular performance? or the h-w key/memory just allows additional perfomance and drop backup?


      the goal is to have raid10 array, preferably with SAS as the 2.5" SATA with good performance are not much available or come with similar price with worse performance, or anybody has good setup/experience using them for raid10?