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    Audio/Video Skipping Issues on Z68BC motherboard


      My audio & video are constantly exhibiting skips during playback.  Pretty much every app: iTunes songs, YouTube videos, mp3's from web, Adobe Premiere, Nero, Windows Media Player, even reading an audio CD from the DVD drive will generate weird pops and skips on both video and audio during playback.

      I suspected Lucid Virtu was the cause, but the issue persist even when plugging direclty to the VGA and disabling Lucid.


      Here's my setup:

      -Intel DZ68BC mobo

      -Intel i7 2700k CPU

      -Asus GTX 580 Nvidia VGA

      -2TB Samsung F4 HDD

      -60Gb Vertex 3 SSD with SRT cache turned on.

      -16GB DDR3 RAM Corsair Vengance



      BIOS BCZ6810H.86A.0027

      Realtek Audio


      Intel HD


      OS: Win7 Pro 64bit


      Obviously, something is severely wrong here.  CPU is hardly at 5% load when skips happen, but where to look?