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    Problem reaching cores after booting BuildSCCLinux417_002.obj




      I want to use POP_SHM on SCC but I have a problem reaching cores after loading linux with BuildSCCLinux417_002.obj.


      I checked out  BuildSCCLinux417_002.obj from the repository and then boot the image from the containing folder


      sccBoot -l BuildSCCLinux417_002.obj 0..47


      the linux is successfully booted but when I ssh to cores I get the following error. I have tired rebooting few times but that didn't help. Besides when I use SCCBoot -l I can reach cores (it works well with the default image)



      INFO: Linux has been started successfully. Cores should be reachable via TCP/IP shortly...
      smeraji@marc014:~/image/CustomSCCLinux$ ssh root@rck00
      ssh: connect to host rck00 port 22: No route to host
      Any thoughts?