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    DH67CL can I hookup DVDROM SATA cable to red esata port on the mobo?


      I just added a SSD and I have three hard drives in the machine and a DVDROM drive so all four SATA ports were used except for the red SATA port on the mobo that is designated as a ESATA port.


      I know that the port is supposed to be just like the other two SATAII ports but I would like to make sure that I can attach the DVDROM SATA cable for my internal DVDROM drive to it and it will run like normal.


      I tried this before but I also added the SSD to the SATAIII 0 slot at the same time and my boot drive to the 1st slot and something got messed up and my computer would not even boot to bios.  I tried putting everything back to original spots but I was still having issues, what ultimately fixed my issue was running a check disk and found errors on my boot drive.  After the chdsk fixed errors the computer booted up and I was able to update firmware on SSD first and then do a fresh install.


      But I would like to keep my three drives for now since HDs are expensive right now, when they come down in price I will replace them all with a two or three TB drive to go along with my SSD. So that means that all four SATA ports are taken up with HDs and just leaves the red SATA port on mobo (not on back of machine) left for my DVDROM drive.


      Will this work?  Or should I just put one of my internal hard drives on the red SATA port and leave DVDROM on the regular SATA port?