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    DP67BG board getting low framerates.


      Hi, I'm having an issue with my Motherboard. I am getting lower framerates in all games than someone else with an identical system. Short of swapping out the motherboard I was wondering if anyone was having a similar issue. I have physically swapped out every component except for the CPU and Mobo. I have not overclocked any settings, plus I have the newest Bios. I get consistently 20 - 30 fps lower than my friend with the similar system. Drivers are all up to date and have tried a clean install with no updates and AV and firewall. Nothing changes the FPS.


      My build:

      Intel DP67BG extreme board


      16GB Kingston ddr3-1600

      Asus GTX 560 dcii oc/2di/1gd5

      2 -WD Black 500 GB HDD in RAID 0.

      1 -dvd-rw, and 1 Bluray ROM.

      Antec Basiq 550 Plus PSU.


      Any suggestions would be helpful.

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          Hello MLewis,


          FPS will be affected by many factors in your system and it is almost impossible to have the exact same amount of FPS on 2 similar systems.


          I recommend you to check your friends computer and check what parts are different. I see that you have 1600MHz memory that is not supported by your processor, this may cause the problem I not configured correctly.


          I also recommend you to make sure you have the latest BIOS and drivers for your motherboard and video card, sometimes there are patches released to improve the perfromance using certain system configurations.





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            Thanks for the reply. Firstly, all the drivers are current and bios is up to date. Secondly, I have swapped the RAM, GPU, PSU with my friends stuff. I have reinstalled windows and all games. I have gone from a raid to a single ssd. None of these things has made any difference to my fps. When I put my components in his computer it performs the same as his current hardware. It's only when it is attached to the DP67BG board am I getting lower fps. I have NOT swapped out the CPU, But I know my CPU is not the cause of the drop in fps. To prove this I first disabled HT, no change. Then I set it to use just two cores, no change. Then I set it to single core mode and it finally dropped my fps by a very small margin. By about 5-10 fps drop by running my CPU in single core mode. So that proves that the CPU is not bottlenecking my system. I'm really at a lost for why my system performs worse than his does. To make matters worse he has a cheap $50 board and it performs better than my $160 board. Any further suggestions would be helpful to make sure that I didn't miss anything. Thanks for the help.