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    cant play high resolution without problems



      i tried to play 1080p videocontent on WMP/VLC (newest  version) on my laptop it works great without any lags or interrupts, but  if i connect to WIDI there are visible lags and interrupts on my TV and  the audio is after the picture.

      My system:

      - INTEL Core i3-2330M CPU @ 2,20GHz ( while videoplayback it's about 30% )

      - INTEL WiFi Link 1000 BGN  ( the WIDI adaptter receiving is very good )

      - INTEL HD Graphics 3000

      - INTEL WiDi version

      - Netgear Push2TV PTV2000 ( adapter firmwareversion )


      I used the Intel software to check the newest hardware updates, and the software told me i got the currents drivers.

      I hope you can understand me, i'm thankfull for your help. Thanks

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          This usually happens when your WiFi network does not have enough bandwidth for WiDi or your WiFi network is congested. WiDi requires at least a 802.11g speeds on your WLAN. It works better on 802.11n. To check your WiFi network speed you can bring up the Windows Task manager while running a WiDi session and look in the Networking tab. You should see the WiFi bandwidth and utilization of the home WLAN and the WiDi connection under Link Speed and Network Utilization columns. The link speed should be at least 40-100 Mbits/sec. The utlization should be about 10-20%. If the link speed is lower than 20 Mbits/sec, then it may not have enough bandwidth to support WiDi.


          If your WiFi network is congested, you can try changing the WiFi channel on your WiFi Access Point.

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            WiDi has nothing to do with WiFi. It is a PAN connection. You dont need a wifi and router for widi to work (you ofcourse need the widi adapter like netgear's). ofcourse I agree with the bandwidth requirement but that is independent of wifi network.

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              Indeed, the WiDi has nothing common with WiFi. The cost of the WiDi router in Poland is something around: $100. I guess it's not exorbitant price.


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                I dont get it...

                I even thought Widi works without Wlan... So the bandwith doesnt matter to the problems i have...

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                  It happens to me too, very rarely. try this:


                  power off/on the widi adapter.


                  shut down the widi app


                  if your laptop has a wireless hardware switch, switch it off and on again (btw, this solves many other problems too like, widi failed to connect, or network address not found. atleast on my sony vaio it solves them)


                  now switch on widi again and check by running a video stream already existing on your laptop.